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Weekly Horoscopes by The AstroTwins, astrologers for ELLE and Mindbodygreen. her sultriest apparel and slinks into Scorpio's red room until November 1.

She is a leading figure in her field, with celebrity and corporate clients. A media favourite - from her first horoscope column in She magazine to writing for Daily Mail , Sunday Express , Hello , InStyle , Daily Mirror , Sunday Mirror and Sun on Sunday - she is often called upon for her insight into the life and experience of Princess Diana, who was both a client and a friend for a decade.

Debbie regularly travels across the world from her London home to work with clients and give talks about astrology and how to heal and thrive in a world of change.

Debbie's treasure trove of knowledge, including her latest podcasts and inside scoop on the stars can be found at debbiefrank. Written in the Stars. Debbie Frank.

Your LIVE CHAT with astrologer Debbie Frank | Daily Mail Online

This site has been suffering from Mercury retrograde syndrome and although Mercury itself may be fixed, the website is not yet functioning properly. My weekly audio stars are available in the meantime — please bear with me and hopefully normal service will be resumed soon. Best wishes Debbie. As so many celestial bodies are in the fire sign Leo and Jupiter is resident in Sagittarius also in the fire element this is far from a sleepy Summer week but more likely a hotbed of activity.

What kind of cover ups are going on at this time, what is being revealed? Where are the weak spots, sore points and machinations of power whirring away for their own ends? Watch this space and check back in January…… astrology is truly the study of cycles and points in time, some of which is simple mathematics as planetary positions form, dissolve and repeat, telling a story which perhaps some people thought would never be told …..

Expect ripples in the water this month — even an epic game-changer as all emotion is intensified.

I Met Princess Diana’s Astrologer—Here’s What Happened

What does this say about the Tory hopefuls? Boris is a flip sided Gemini, turning on a dime with an intensely calculating side to him Moon in Scorpio buried beneath the surface. Hunt is actually very politically savvy with his Sun in powerful Scorpio yet he has the ability to connect with people, whilst Boris polarises them.

Debbie Frank was Dianas astrologer from Was Harry was destined to meet Meghan from the age of SIX?

Both are famous for their spin — a talent that dishes out a barrage of words that often times is at odds with the truth but distracts onlookers with a kind of trickster energy. Bring out your creativity and do not be put off by people with less vision! Crucial developments are afoot and Saturday's New Moon gives you the chance to put new plans into action and get good results.

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To hear why your love stars are special, call me on WHEN you have so much planetary luck like now , it's a perfect time to grow your expectations. Something unusual will add bounce and vitality to your week.


And Venus will help to build on this happy state of affairs. Feelings of bright hope make the next seven days rewarding.

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To hear why your love stars are fab call me on YOUR love life is set for a boost from the stars. Mars increases your power to attract positive and upbeat influences into your life and a surprise party or celebration could alter some of your ideas and plans. It's just possible Libra that you could end up in a very different place, from where you started.

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To your new love star line call me on THIS week's amazing planetary energy has your name on it! You will shine while Venus and Mars help you get it right romantically. The cosmos is offering amazing opportunities to get life and love in order. If you've been feeling that you've been held back, this is all changing. To hear about your love stars, call me on THE inspiration you need to take the lead comes from Jupiter and there's the added bonus of Mars in your cash zone giving that extra push and prod to financial arrangements.

You're totally tuned in to your true potential. And in many ways you'll be the flavour of the week.