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The combination of a Libra and Scorpio match so well because while a Scorpio might have very intense and high strung emotions, a Libra balances that being light-hearted and carefree. This teaches a Scorpio not to take things so personally and hard. In social settings both a Libra and Scorpio do very well on their own.

As a couple, a Libra and Scorpio are probably the most loyal of all signs. This relationship is one that lasts a long time. The impact an Aquarius has on a Scorpio is really bringing out their true colors and not being embarrassed by it. An Aquarius is one of the weirdest signs there is. I say weird in a good way. Weird as in someone you always remember. They never were the most popular. What makes them a good match is how well they understand each other. They each go back and forth being two of the most sarcastic signs. Pisces and Scorpio together is an interesting pair.

Each very emotional and deep, only a Scorpio knows how to hide it while a Pisces wears their heart on their sleeve. While a Pisces will always appear like they love more, a Scorpio shows affection and keeps their relationship behind closed doors. This combination leads to the most intense love because nothing is ever simple with these two and their emotions.

Scorpio's Best Matches

But they also love each other the deepest and never seem to be able to walk away. As much as they fight with each other they also fight for each other. Each very strong personalities but they make each other a lot better, supporting, encouraging and pushing them to achieve their goals. The combination of a Leo and Scorpio are so compatible because while a Leo enjoys the spotlight and being the center of attention, a Scorpio sits back and lets them have it without any jealousy.

This often leads to a switch of who is dominant when. While Scorpios love the hardest out of any sign, Leos tend to give the most through gestures. Together this creates two people who really value each other and the relationship. While they crave love and affection they are very guarded.

Being similar as they are, no one actually took the steps they need to. Together this combination leads to lost love stories and the what-ifs that haunt them. Each signs are perfectionists and strive for success.

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They each want someone to know things automatically reading their mind. No relationship thrives without communication and this duo seems to lack just that. A Taurus and a Scorpio are just bad news. Their strong personalities just add a lot of fricken.

Their heavy layers of being so blunt hurt one another. One of the more toxic matches, they become addicted to the highs and lows. The combination of Aries and Scorpio is even more toxic. In fact, they are exactly opposite to each other. But, this is the reason why they make a great couple. Piscians being very affectionate, understanding, and passionate lovers, they fulfill the expectations of the other zodiac sign. They show the better side of humanity.

Which Star Signs Should Scorpio Date?

It's the selfless love that makes the Scorpios feel secure, satisfied, and happy. So, a love relationship between these two gets a ten on ten. With Aries 21 March - 20 April. Arians and Scorpios exhibit quite similar traits, and do not make a great couple. People belonging to the eighth zodiac sign need a lot of emotional bonding and security, but on the other hand, Arians do not like possessive and obsessive people.

So, there are chances that an Arian may feel forced, and deprived of personal space in the relationship. With Taurus 21 April - 21 May. Taurians, just like the Scorpios, are highly uncommunicative and hide their feelings. But the similar traits in them always bring the two closer. When they are together, they want to separate, but when they are apart, they desperately wish to come together. Both share a love-hate relationship. They can make a great couple if they communicate, and express their feelings to each other. With Sagittarius 23 November - 22 December. Saggitarians are endowed with a totally different personality type compared to Scorpios.

Hence, the happy-go-lucky, playful, and jocular attitude of the former, may be interpreted as carelessness and disrespect by the latter. Sometimes, one tends to ignore the emotional needs of the latter.

This may lead to an unhappy and unrequited relationship. With Virgo 24 August - 23 September. Virgos are practical, and not very impulsive. The Scorpios may find them timid and weak. Both of them have different perspectives and attitudes towards life. So, it is unlikely for the two to stand each other for long. With Aquarius 21 January - 19 February. Aquarians are very idealistic, and need perfection in everything.

Water and Water

Being rational, they cannot tolerate the irrational love or hate expressed by Scorpios. The lack of sentiments may create an emotional gap between the two.

Zodiac Signs of Fire and Ice

With Capricorn 23 December - 20 January. Capricorns and Scorpios have similar traits. However, the latter tend to go with the flow, without much thought, while the former can hold back emotions whenever necessary. Scorpios may mistake this as lack of commitment or sincerity. So, love relationships should be avoided in this case.

Scorpio Horoscope: Daily & Today |

With Libra 24 September - 23 October. Librans are objective and nonjudgmental. They also tend to maintain an emotional difference from everyone, even from the people they are in love with. On the other hand, Scorpios have a strong desire to bond deeply with their lover. They are passionate, and do not like to keep any distances with their lover. Sometimes, the Librans cannot cope with the impulsive mood swings. Hence, they are emotionally incompatible. With Gemini 22 May - 21 June. Geminis take life as it comes, and are not very serious and passionate about anything.

Scorpions are very passionate and focused. These two might get attracted to each other because of their opposite traits, but cannot sustain a long-term relationship. The Geminis may be judged to be a little superficial and pretentious, and this can lead to complications in their relationship. With Scorpio. If both the partners are emotional, possessive, and passionate, the relationship can be intense as well as ferocious.

There is generally no middle ground. Both want possession and control. So, outside the love nest, the scorpio-scorpio relationship demands excess understanding and trust to be successful.